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Vacuum is critical in a wide variety of industrial applications-and the need for vacuum continues to grow. Hartfiel Automation has been developing state-of-the-art vacuum solutions for over 15 years. Hartfiel Automation's vacuum specilaists are experts in delivering product performance in a wide variety of applications.


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Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum PumpsR 5- Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps- R 5 vacuum pumps have long been the industry standard due to their robustness and operational reliability. Over 3 million of these vacuum pumps are used worldwide every day in tough industrial applications. Rotary vane technology has been continuously developed and optimized by Busch for decades, with the emphasis on operational reliability and economic efficiency. R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps are known throughout the industry for their modern and energy efficient vacuum generation- Whether being used intermittently or around the clock, you can rely on the R 5. 
These compact R 5 vacuum pumps owe their robustness to proven rotary vane technology with recirculating oil lubrication. This design provides a constant high vacuum level which can handle the toughest operating conditions. When fitted with an optional gas ballast valve, vapors can be pumped without condensing. 

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LEMCOM is the most successful demonstration of a vacuum pump’s mechatronic design. It is designed to meet integrator as well as user expectations, in terms of flexibility, safety, productivity and energy savings.

LEMCOM installs very effective communication at distance between the operator and the vacuum pump. This communication makes it possible to receive information in real time, but above all to act at any moment to change settings, to ensure corrective and preventive maintenance of the vacuum pump. 

Energy-saving technology

The LEMCOM affirms its continuity with the other COVAL intelligent vacuum pumps. It integrates the COVAL energy savings technologies, ASR (Air Saving Regulator) and ASC (Air Saving Control), making it possible to attain up to 90% energy savings. 
The new communication functions, with its near and distant environment, enable the LEMCOM to go even further in terms of performance, simplicity and energy savings.
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